• Thumper Massager - A deep tissue massage whenever you need it.

  • Thumper Mini Pro Massager

    Thumper Mini Pro 2

    • Used by professionals and athletes
    • Power settings: 20, 30 & 40 impulses per second
    • Made to be strong, built to last

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  • Thumper Sport Massager

    Thumper Sport

    • Superb home massager
    • Ideal for active individuals
    • Variable speed: 20 to 40 Hz

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  • Thumper Massager
  • Thumper Mini Pro Massager
  • Thumper Sport

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Thumper Delivers:

  • Fast drug free pain relief exactly when you need it
  • Relieves tense muscles
  • Improves circulation
  • Speeds up injury recovery
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Elimination of lactic acid build up
Thumper - Massagers with muscle
    • D. Violante:"Thank you for making a product that is a genuine ’health care tool‘ that really works!"
    • M.Hall: "Brilliant portable massager... gives a great all round deep massage to help with any niggly aches and pains after your workout."
    • Read More Feedback Here

100% Genuine Thumpers

Our massagers are 100% Genuine Thumper Massagers, precision built in Canada

Recommended by Medical Experts

"With the Thumper percussive massage units, you cannot find a better product.."
- Dr Howard Fischer

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